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Flames of Division Incinerate Our House

Flames of Division Incinerate Our House

by Anna Morris, Co-Editor, Freedom Fighters of America

June 19, 2015

     Today should be a day in which all Americans mourn, pray and share the pain of those devastated by the Charleston church shooting. Nine innocent lives are lost and we care.

     Yet politics take no holiday; thus President Obama took the opportunity to attack the Second Amendment and call for gun control, while implying America is the most violent developed country in the world.

     A gun is a tool like any other tool and the brain behind any tool is the brain of the person using the tool. Pressure cookers did not kill and maim in Boston, the Tsarnaev brothers' twisted minds turned cooking utensils into bombs. Box cutters did not crash jets into buildings on 911, terrorist minds rotted with hatred of America powered the fists that held those blades to throats. The gun used in the Charleston church yesterday was powered by a brain festering with racial hatred.

     The 21 year old man arrested this morning is a suspect until proven guilty so let us look at the shooter and the crime without a name for now. It is reported the shooter allowed one person to live so that a message could be delivered. The message was a short, idiotic rant about raping "our women" and taking over our country. Because of this African Americans, "have to go". No wonder the various news feeds are calling the shooter a deranged psychotic.

     Suppose the shooter is mentally deficient. How does he process the last six years of racial division for political purposes? Strife and division are the tools of community organizers, the job our President once held. The base is Cultural Marxism which makes the normal abnormal and the abnormal normal. Differences are emphasized and crises never go to waste. If necessary, crises may be created, and thus we have the "grievance industry", and the race baiters. A Tweet today had a picture of vultures picking over a well eaten carcass and the caption said Al Sharpton was heading to Charleston.

     Many of us who are sane and mentally stable feel fear. The community organizers in DC pit us against them and them against us. It doesn't matter who us or them are. Gay vs. straight. Christian vs. Muslim. Black vs. white. Hispanic vs. black. Immigrants illegally entering our country vs. American workers who are unemployed. Environmentalists vs. business, Smokers and the obese vs. the healthy. Taxpayers vs. welfare recipients. 

     The goal is division which leads to chaos that will cause once free, constitutionally protected Americans, to forsake the constitution and beg Big Government to solve the problems of chaos. Yes, those of us who value freedom and liberty know fear as we watch the chaos of division grow in strength from crisis to crisis, some of which are manufactured.

     How might an unstable person of any color process the concept of "White Privilege"? Will a mentally ill person of color kill white people? Will a deranged white person think African Americans are taking over and find solace in committing mass murder in the name of white supremacy? News commented that the Charleston shooter wanted to start a civil war. Many of us who are sane have wondered if the anti-police rhetoric is preparation for  the federal government forcing a federal police force on the citizens. Little by little the powder kegs are filled and undoubtedly there are others, perhaps more sane, who itch for the revolution to begin.

     Day by day the racial powder kegs are filled and tamped down. Everyone's pet grievance is on parade on Twitter. Why was the white shooting suspect arrested alive when a black suspect would have been shot down? News says the suspect was very cooperative and offered no resistance. If the shooter was Muslim he would be called a terrorist? The shooter supposedly wanted to start a civil war, so call him a terrorist thug. ISIS kills Christians, the shooter killed Christians in bible study. Terrorist thugs all, by their behaviour.

     Once upon a time a church would have been considered sacred and any misbehaviour therein would have been a desecration worthy of eternal damnation and hell fire. At this point we have had six years of hearing America is not a Christian nation, and most recently that Christians should not be on a "high horse" because of the Crusades about a thousand years ago. Indeed our President is well known for saying the world does not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam, and that he would stand with Islam if the winds blew the wrong way. 

     Coincidentally an absolute need for Cultural Marxism to succeed, is that Judeo Christianity be ripped out by the roots.

     Especially today there are those who loudly spew that those of us who criticize President Obama stoke the fires of racial hatred. Communist Party USA pushed the idea of calling anyone racist who disagreed with the political policies of Obama's administration. The President proudly allowed Democrat Care to be called Obama Care and CPUSA doubled down on calling those of us who objected, racists. Race and law and policy have become tangled in such a way that free speech is too often called hate speech.

     When Barack Obama was elected in 2008 I was sorry my candidate lost but I had hope that Obama's win would heal race relations once and for all. Hillary Clinton had fallen by the wayside early on, and in the end we had a first black president before we had a first woman president. Surely that said something? I thought he might favor minorities one way or another and that would have been OK with me if it helped heal the past. 

     Six years and one reelection later the sores of division have been picked raw and contaminated with a festering gangrene of fear and suspicion supplied by the community organizers whose duty is to divide.

     In Portland, Oregon some bright public school teacher used peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to teach about "White Privilege". The reasoning, on a day less sorrowful than this, would be laughable. It has something to do with Mohammed maybe only eating pita bread and Juan only having tortillas at home. White bread sandwiches are a sign of White Privilege apparently. Nobody dares point out that if White Privilege was an emperor, he would have no clothes, for that too would be racist.

     Destabilizing this country is a Marxist goal. If an individual with a diseased mind reacts violently to the instability, he presents one or more crisis, on a platter for those seeking total control of a once free American people.  The ends justify the means, say the Marxists. If the glorious crisis contributes greatly to those ends, do nine innocent lives become collateral damage? If gun control is achieved THIS time will some secretly rejoice over fallen martyrs? One thing is sure, the grievance industry got a boost; finally one white racist guy went nuts with a gun, proving racism is alive and well. Perhaps now is the time to remember that Oprah said racists just have to die? Who is next?

     Dr. Ben Carson* has been one of my heroes for many years. Today he said what I wish President Obama had said. "The tragic shootings in Charleston, South Carolina yesterday are a manifestation of the evil that has gripped our society. Many of us have allowed the purveyors of hatred and division to create conflict between races, the genders, religious groups, age groups and income groups. The Bible says that a house divided against itself cannot stand." (emphasis mine) [1]

     "The heart of the matter is not guns. The heart of the matter is the heart, the heart and soul of people. I hope we the American people can come to the understanding that we are not each other's enemies", Dr. Carson later said on 'Kelly Files'. "The enemies are those who are stoking the flames of division trying to divide us in every category and weakening us as a society." [2]


*Full disclosure: As an individual, I have donated both to Dr. Carson's PAC and to his presidential candidate fund. 



[1] ; 6/18/15

[2] 'Kelly Files' transcript and video;


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