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Gunpowder Treason Plot?

August 27, 2017

By Lynn J. Cheramie III, Founder, FFOA News Network

   Is Antifa trying to compare itself to Guy Fawkes in their attempt to overthrow our government? Not only would the objective be the same but the means by which they would use to accomplish that objective.

   The obvious comparison would be the planned Antifa rallies on November 4th 2017 and Guy Fawkes Gun Powder Treason Plot which was initiated on November 4th 1604.

Lets examine the comparisons:

[1] Robert Catesby led a group of English Catholics in 1604 which Guy (Guido) Fawkes became involved with and planned to assassinate King James. King James was a Protestant, so you can see the similarities with fighting between Protestant and Catholics in the present day United Kingdom. He planned to replace him with his daughter who was Catholic and third in the line of succession to Princess Elizabeth.

Fawkes was caught in the early morning hours on November 5th and tortured until his execution on January 31st 1605.

Black-and-white drawing
George Cruikshank's illustration of
Guy Fawkes, published in William
Harrison Ainsworth's 1840 novel

[2}Excerpt from Philly Antifa  About Us page and stated objective;

   We are in direct conflict with Racism, Homophobia, Sexism, Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Transphobia, and all the various other flavors of Fascism.

   Philly Antifa are anti-authoritarians and anti-nationalist. We do not work with the state or any groups/individuals who seek to “reign us in” or otherwise control us. We do seek meaningful partnerships and alliances with groups and individuals we feel are working towards similar aims.

[3] Excerpt from NYC Antifa About Us page and stated objective;

   Since 2010, NYC Antifa has been dedicated to research on, and action against, fascist cultural and political organizing in New York City.

[4] Excerpt from Wikipedia United States Antifa and stated objective;
Antifa is a political movement of autonomous, self-styled anti-fascist groups, including in the United States. They have been described as being left wing to far-left. The distinctive feature of self-described Antifa groups is to "oppose" Fascism in direct action, including the willingness to use violence. Activists in Antifa groups tend to be anti-government and anti-capitalist, and often anarchist.
   In the writers opinion Fawkes was trying to install a different religion in his country by removing the King and using violence as the method. Antifa is set to use violence or whatever means necessary to topple The Republic of the United States. I still don't get it. What do they want?

   Do they want to make people think the same way they do? Now that's fascism. Do they want to install their own government? That's fascism. Do they want Barack Obama back? Now that's just plain stupid and fascist and also called a coup. Something usually reserved for Third World Countries. This would make the objective and overall end result exactly the same.

[5] Excerpt from Wikipedia Alan Moore Personal Life He is known to be the creator of the "V" for Vendetta comic book series (Guy Fawkes) ;

   In December 2011, Moore responded to Frank Miller's attack on the Occupy Movement, calling his more recent work misogynistic, homophobic and misguided. Worldwide, Occupy protesters have adopted the Guy Fawkes mask from V for Vendetta. The mask has also been adopted by Anonymous, WikiLeaks, Egyptian revolutionaries and anti-globalization demonstrators. Moore described Occupy as "ordinary people reclaiming rights which should always have been theirs"and added:
I can't think of any reason why as a population we should be expected to stand by and see a gross reduction in the living standards of ourselves and our kids, possibly for generations, when the people who have got us into this have been rewarded for it – they've certainly not been punished in any way because they're too big to fail. I think that the Occupy movement is, in one sense, the public saying that they should be the ones to decide who's too big to fail. As an anarchist, I believe that power should be given to the people whose lives this is actually affecting.
   Antifa doesn't use the Guy Fawkes mask but they do use any means necessary to cover their faces and wear mostly black.

[6] Excerpt from Egyptian revolutionaries and the Arab Spring, (Arabic: الربيع العربي‎‎ ar-Rabīʻ al-ʻArabī) also referred to as Arab revolutions (Arabic: الثورات العربية‎‎ aṯ-'awrāt al-ʻarabiyyah), was a revolutionary wave of both violent and non-violent demonstrations, protests, riots, coups and civil wars in North Africa and the Middle East that began on 17 December 2010 in Tunisia with the Tunisian Revolution.

   The early hopes that these popular movements would end corruption, increase political participation, and bring about greater economic equity quickly collapsed in the wake of the counterrevolutionary moves of The Deep State in Egypt.

   Here are a few video's attempting to explain the reasons behind the planned November 4th 2017 Antifa riots. Sorry, did I say riots? I meant rallies:

   In conclusion these are not the same. Guy Fawkes was trying to change a government which controlled every aspect of your life and yes even religion. This would be anti-fascism.

   Antifa is trying to change a government which allows freedom of speech, movement, religion and the pursuit of happiness. Now that's downright fascist!

   It appears own media and liberal leaders support Antifa. Well, if they don't publicly their passive support and silence in not condemning Antifa certainly gives rise to violent insurrection.

   Our country is at THE CROSSROADS! I say THE CROSSROADS and very loudly because if this was only another mundane crossroads we could survive it with little effort on both sides but this is the big ones folks. We've all learned from history that violence is necessary for both sides, right and wrong, to accomplish their objectives.

   We cannot be blase about our support for either side. We must pick a side with vigor and commitment like all Americans have done since 1776.

   Good to know all of this can be stopped when both sides stop fighting like 1st grade school girls over some lunch money and talk like adults or is that asking too much?


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