Saturday, September 24, 2016

Charlotte marchers demand police release shooting tapes

By Robert MacMillan and Mike Blake, Reuters

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Sept 23 (Reuters) - About 300 protesters took to the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina, in a fourth night of demonstrations on Friday, calling on authorities to "release the tapes" of the fatal police shooting of a black man, hours after his family released its own video.

Protesters gathered after nightfall in a small park and others chalked the names of police shooting victims from across the country on a street, but there was no sign of the violence that marked demonstrations earlier in the week.

Commentary from Lynn J. Cheramie III, Founder, FFOA News Network and NOFAR

It looks likes someone only wants black and brown unity. By the way, no one is the color black. Shades of brown but not black. How did we fight so hard for de-segregation and now some fight to re-segregate. Trying to stay away from whites will not change what is happening in the urban communities of America today because whites don't live there. Only blacks can change their future and that must start with your leaders and they're aren't any right now that care about anything else other than their own fortune and fame.

Martin Luther King was killed because he was that leader. He was a deeply patriotic man and believed the content of your character was more important than the color of your skin. No one remembers him, especially not the young people in black communities all across this great nation. What we see in these recent protests are the "content of ones character" that King spoke

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Charlotte and Tulsa shootings: What police say vs. the families

By Mary Bowerman, and Melanie Eversley, USA Today

Protests broke out in Charlotte, N.C., Tuesday evening after a black man was killed by a police officer, just days after another officer-involved shooting in Tulsa. 

In both cases, police said they felt threatened and were forced to take lethal action. 

In Charlotte, police said the man shot by police, Keith Lamont Scott, 43, was holding a gun, while family members say he was reading a book. 

Commentary from Lynn J. Cheramie III, Founder, FFOA News Network and NOFAR

It doesn't matter what the police do anymore. A percentage of blacks will always think they're being targeted! It's always the same type of people who riot, loot, burn and commit violent acts in the aftermath of these tragedies. What I mean is, you don't see a lot of people wearing suits, nice shoes or pants or even wearing pants at all. Well the pants maybe around their ankles and I don't consider those pants but socks, yes socks. What a concept! Did anyone ever stop to think when a white person is killed by the cops why whites don't burn and loot? Most of you know the answers but are afraid to answer them for fear of being labeled the lead of the KKK or just racist. A word which has no meaning anymore to anyone other than the people who would use it to create racism!

It doesn't matter that he had a gun in Charlotte or that he didn't listen to repeated commands and walked back to his car with his hands up in Tulsa. Were the police supposed to let him open the door of his SUV, grab a gun and shoot all of them dead or lead them on a high speed chance through residential areas that might harm innocent civilians. The answer to these questions are easy but no one wants to touch the questions. The PoPo are supposed to let black males commit any crimes they want, risk death, risk innocent civilians and let the perpetrators walk away!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Armour: Players protest on 9/11, and that's fine

by Nancy Armour, USA Today Sports

On 9/11, of all days, there were some who wanted to dictate what’s “appropriate” when it comes to respecting this country. Who decided symbols are more important than what they actually represent. 

On this day, of all days, there were those who would rather make a mockery of our freedom by insisting we all act and think as one than allow people to actually exercise our most cherished rights.
On this day, of all days.

Commentary from Lynn J. Cheramie III, Founder, FFOA News Network and NOFAR

One article described it as a protest for American Injustice. If that's so then why are all of the players kneeling Black? Aren't all Americans involved? When Tommie Smith and John Carlos lifted their fist in protest at the 1968 Olympic Games it truly meant something. We weren't that far removed from laws that were designed to assist in equality and protest was needed to solidify them.

Racism is in the eyes of the beholder and the #msm propaganda machine keeps spouting our own governments agenda. They use it to say they're trying to help rid us of racism but in actuality create racism to help themselves! These players are only disposable pawns, most of which would only be another stat in a death toll on black America perpetrated by other blacks and created by our so-called leaders! Let's not forget who really pays the players, AMERICANS! The very thing they protest supports their million dollar a year paycheck! The NFL needs to fire some people since they write the checks and hardworking Americans provide the funds.

ALL MINORITIES will only be free once they understand that racism is only provided by the very government that is sworn to protect them!

Friday, September 9, 2016

For the first time, Bill Cosby's lawyers claim racism

By Maryclaire Dale, Associated Press

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Bill Cosby has long preached the gospel of personal responsibility to fellow blacks, irritating those who fault racism for holding the community back.

But now lawyers for the 79-year-old comedian have suggested for the first time that racial bias is to blame as Cosby faces the prospect of 13 women testifying in court that he drugged and molested them. Twelve of them are white.

Commentary from Lynn J. Cheramie III, Founder, FFOA News Network and NOFAR

Here we go again. Just because he happened to like a lot of white women it doesn't mean those women are now racists. They're more than 50 women who said he sexually assaulted or raped them. What is the racial makeup of all of them? How many others did he pay off and what was their racial makeup? Why is Cosby black and not white? Questions abound!

Bill Cosby has been shouting for years that blacks need to be responsible their own lives and now he's changed his mind. He actually blames a color for his crimes. He has thrown up every other defense in the World and they haven't worked so now he's yelling racism which has become the norm when nothing else works!

Wouldn't someone who is innocent want to get to trial as quickly as possible? Why is Cosby trying to run out the clock on these allegations? It just makes it worse for Cosby the longer he waits to go to trial. Either he spends a few years in prison now and gets out with some life left or you hide and get put in jail in 10 years and die in jail.

Racism will always exist but not in the form that some would want you to believe. There will always be people that don't like other people for their skin, hair, height, weight, eyes, habits, rituals, teeth, breath, size, car, house, money, beliefs or whatever you want to choose. It's not one entire group of people that is racist towards another entire group of people but the ones who've been tainted by the opinions of others in their own history.

Once we become color blind only then can we start to address the root causes of our problems. Racism is a veil that covers the true issues of our society.


Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Commentary from Lynn J. Cheramie III, Founder, FFOA News Network and NOFAR

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Some blacks agree with Trump on Democrats — but can’t stand the rest of his message

By Vanessa Williams, The Washington Post

Some black political activists and voters have long made the same argument that Donald Trump and his surrogates have been pushing in recent weeks: that the Democratic Party takes African American support for granted and has not done enough to earn such strong loyalty from black voters.

But the point has not resonated for Trump in part because of the Republican nominee’s history of racially divisive actions and comments, and the caustic tone of his presidential campaign.

Commentary from Lynn J. Cheramie III, Founder, FFOA News Network and NOFAR

It's only natural that blacks would not like the message.

A couple more stats for you:

In 2010 blacks made up 13% of the population in America while 64% were white.

Blacks are born out of wedlock over 72% of the time.

90% of blacks are murdered by blacks.

Per capita there are 7x more murders committed by blacks than whites.

There are 14.82 murders per 100,000 people by blacks vs 2.17 murders per 100,000 for whites.

In 2010 alone there were 5,770 murders by blacks and 4,849 by whites and of those murders by blacks, the offender was between the ages of 13 - 29 in over 3,500 of those cases.

As of 2010 2,306 per 1,000 blacks were incarcerated and 450 blacks per 100,000 were incarcerated. While blacks made up 13% of the population and 64% for whites.

A study completed by Pew Research in 2013 found that 31% of blacks and 15% of whites had ever received Food Stamps.

It has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with community, social environment and upbringing of a child! They imitate what they see. Once a community understands that you can control your destiny from within only then will you prosper.

We need to stop seeing color. Why does the government keep statistics on race? They want to keep all of us divided! WAKE UP AMERICA! The veil of Freedom needs to be lifted. Just like the Wizard of Oz we have many controlling everything from behind the curtain!