Monday, June 27, 2016

BET Awards full of Prince tributes and political moments

By Mesfin Fekadu, Associated Press Music Writer

The BET Awards — or "The Prince Tribute Show" — featured emotional and energetic performances from Sheila E., Stevie Wonder and Jennifer Hudson honoring the Purple One, along with political statements on issues ranging from racial injustice to the U.S. presidential election.

Sheila E., jamming on the drums and guitar, singing and dancing without shoes, closed the three-hour-plus show at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles with "Let's Work," ''A Love Bizarre," ''The Glamorous Life," ''America" and more. She was joined by "Purple Rain" actor Jerome Benton and Prince's ex-wife, Mayte Garcia, who danced alongside the background dancers throughout the set. They ended by raising a purple guitar in the air as the audience cheered them on.

Commentary by: Lynn Cheramie, Founder, Freedom Fighters of America

Isn't it amazing how a racist, on a racist award show, on a racist Black Entertainment Television can call only White People racists? What about Hispanics, Asians or Persians. Persians who've held Blacks as slaves a lot longer than Whites!

Why is a small minority of the Black Culture so mad about something that never happened directly to them. They know nothing of the struggle of their ancestors, yet want to use that struggle to yell racism at the top of their lungs and to further an agenda of complete hate against Whites. I can only assume to give themselves a sense of self worth otherwise they are nothing without that hate.

When did Jesse Williams become the spokesman for all Black People? Who invented Whiteness? God. Who invented Blackness, God? How do Whites extract your money without effecting all other races and how do Blacks do that same thing to Whites without hurting them in the same way? What culture are you speaking of and when did culture become exclusive to a race of people much less Black People? If White's were worried about culture stealing look at most Black Women's hair. I don't want to say this but they're using horse hair to look White. That speaks volumes about stealing of this so called culture. If culture is wearing your pants at your knees, shooting your own race to death or fathering children that you don't support then I would think White's don't want that culture and if they do they're just as wrong as Blacks who do! What about Affirmative Action? That's for minorities, NOT Whites. Isn't that reverse racism? Why would Blacks think that scoring lower on tests than White People and receiving the same reward would be good for them? The reward only goes as far as the ceremony itself. If you don't have it you never will. All of my statements are supported by facts. More Black homes without a Father, more Blacks kill Blacks and Blacks invented wearing your pants around your knees. I for one don't see the point of buying a good set of pants and wearing them like shorts. Why not just buy shorts? You can save half the price.

Blacks have invented a lot of great things, carbon filaments for light bulbs, the first console gaming system, heart pacemaker and Cataract Laserphaco Probe. Blacks also invented drinking 40's, purple drank, crips, bloods, blunts, endo, sippin on Gin and Juice, smacking it up, flipping it and rubbing it down and yes they did let the dogs out! Every race has made tremendous contributions to and also adversely affected the World. That's called life!

I would ask that Black minority who find it necessary to spew hate to find a place in your heart for love to grow. Love for your fellow man regardless of color, love for God and most importantly love for yourself because without it you can never love anything else. I ask the these things of the same White minority. I will admit it took me a long time to find Love in my heart. It took me forever to find God and I'm only now learning how to love myself. You see I'm just like the Black minority in some respects which makes us all human!


Sunday, June 26, 2016

U.S. Supreme Court poised to issue major abortion ruling

By Lawrence Hurley, Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Supreme Court is due on Monday to issue its first major abortion ruling since 2007 against a backdrop of unremitting divisions among Americans on the issue and a decades-long decline in the rate at which women terminate pregnancies.

The court's decision on whether a Republican-backed 2013 Texas law placed an undue burden on women exercising their constitutional right to abortion is one of three remaining cases for the court to decide on Monday, the last day of its term. The other major one involves whether the justices will overturn the corruption conviction of former Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell.

Commentary by: Lynn Cheramie, Founder, National Organization For All Races 

It has become convenient to just get rid of the thing. That thing is life and if you don't believe it then you should've been aborted! When a seed of corn grows to half of it's potential is it still not a stalk of corn? When a car is half way through the assembly process is it still not considered a car? 

Abortion is also racists. Why is the Black and Hispanic Abortion Rate a lot higher than that of Whites?

From Protecting Black Lives:

2010 Census results reveal that Planned Parenthood is targeting minority neighborhoods. 79% of its surgical abortion facilities are located within walking distance of African American or Hispanic/Latino neighborhoods. 

Pro-Abortionists wish to put women right back into the back alley abortions, the main reason for Roe V. Wade, by fighting against hospital grade equipment or hospital within 30 miles of all Abortion Clinics. Abortion Clinics have become fetal tissue factories and we will never know the full extent.

I am for Abortions in the event of life of the Mother, Rape or Incest otherwise you did the deed now deal with it! Take responsibility for your actions and that goes for the men too! Stand up and be a man and be the best Father you can. If you have children later in life what do you tell them or do you keep it a secret? I bet most of you keep it a secret because your child would have a lot of questions about why you did it you could never answer!


Black Lives Matter Protesters Crash Event Honoring LGBT Community

Black Lives Matter protesters interrupted a news conference last week as the Toronto police chief was unveiling a mural for the city's LGBT community.

According to a police news release, the mural is meant to celebrate the history, diversity and strength of Toronto’s LGBT community.

It was accompanied by a public apology from Chief Mark Saunders for the 1981 bathhouse raids, in which 286 men were arrested on charges of prostitution and indecency.
Black Lives Matter protesters, however, claimed it was all a publicity stunt, chanting, "No pride in police."


Commentary from: Lynn J. Cheramie III, Founder, National Organization For All Races

Yes, it is racist! Affirmative Action is Racists, all Black Schools are Racists and Illegal Immigration is Racists. It's allow to happen because White people don't say anything about it for fear of being called a racist!


Monday, June 13, 2016

Democratic Dependence on Nonwhites Proven by Obama, Clinton

By Bill Barrow, The Associated Press

Eight years ago, exit polls showed Hillary Clinton with comfortable margins over now-President Barack Obama among whites and Latinos during the Democratic primary season.

This year, exit polls of Democratic voters showed whites narrowly preferred Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. Yet, Clinton is the presumptive 2016 Democratic nominee.

The key difference: African-Americans sided overwhelmingly with the winner of 2008 and 2016 nominations, with black voters across the South and in heavily Democratic cities fueling key wins and delegate advantages in the drawn-out primary contests.

Commentary by: Lynn Cheramie, Founder, National Organization For All Races 

and this is why voter ID is racist according to the Liberal Communists.


ACLU Blames—Wait for It—'Conservative Christians' for Orlando

By Michael Walsh PJ Media

The Un-American Civil Liberties Union has found the real culprit in the Orlando shooting. One guess:
Several American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) attorneys took to Twitter to blame the “Christian Right” for Sunday’s deadly terrorist attack at a nightclub in Orlando, Fla., which left 50 dead and 53 injured.
Chase Strangio, a staff attorney with the ACLU’s LGBT and AIDS Project, claimed the social and political environment cultivated by Christian conservatives in recent months was to blame for the shooting at Pulse, a nightclub popular with Orlando’s LGBT community.


Sunday, June 12, 2016

Eric Holder: Fingerprinting rules are racist

Former Attorney General Eric Holder has come out against proposals in Chicago and New Jersey to require fingerprint background checks of drivers for ride-hailing platforms such as Uber and Lyft. Why would Obama’s onetime top lawman come out against regulation that is supposed to protect the riding public? Credit the intersection of two forces. First, Holder’s tony corporate law firm, Covington & Burling, represents Uber. Also, as Holder sees it, requiring drivers to submit fingerprints may “have a discriminatory impact on communities of color.”

I was surprised to read about Holder’s opposition, as I have trouble seeing Holder as a model for social justice. As deputy attorney general in the Clinton administration, Holder gave a “neutral-leaning to positive” recommendation for the pardon of billionaire Marc Rich, who fled to Switzerland to evade fraud and tax evasion charges. As President Obama’s first attorney general, he was so stingy with the pardon power that political scientist P.S. Ruckman wrote that inmates seeking clemency had “a better chance of being struck by lightning.”


Commentary from: Lynn J. Cheramie III, Founder, National Organization For All Races

Eric Holder is a racist! First of all minorities being required to have an ID to vote is racist and now finger printing. Affirmative Action says minorities can't score the same as Whites so we give them a lower achievement goal. Wow, minorities are being told outright that their stupid and aren't even listening!


Friday, June 3, 2016

Guns and Gun Control Police and Law Enforcement African Americans What Black Americans Say About ‘Black-on-Black’ Gun Violence

We understand that police violence and gun crimes are two parts of the same systemic problem. If only news media saw that, too.

By Spencer Overton, The Nation

Over Memorial Day weekend, at least 69 people were shot in Chicago. If past trends continue, most of them are people of color. Mass shootings in places like Newtown, Aurora, and San Bernardino grab national attention, but gun violence is a regular part of life in many communities of color. 

Commentary by: Lynn Cheramie, Founder, Freedom Fighters of America

Once again another article that doesn't have the Black community claiming responsibility for their own but bundling Police brutality into the mix as if that makes the situation any better.

Here are some facts:

Police Shootings that resulted in death of the suspect:

432 Total in 2016
206 were White or 48%
100 were Black or 23%
66 were Hispanic or 15%

Homicides by Race 1980-2008:

Trends by race Blacks were disproportionately represented among homicide victims and offenders.
In 2008, the homicide victimization rate for blacks (19.6 homicides per 100,000) was 6 times higher than the rate for whites (3.3 homicides per 100,000).
The victimization rate for blacks peaked in the early 1990s, reaching a high of 39.4 homicides per 100,000 in 1991 (figure 17).  

After 1991, the victimization rate for blacks fell until 1999, when it stabilized near 20 homicides per 100,000. 

In 2008, the off ending rate for blacks (24.7 off enders per 100,000) was 7 times higher than the rate for whites (3.4 off enders per 100,000) (fi gure 18). 

The off ending rate for blacks showed a similar pattern to the victimization rate, peaking in the early 1990s at a high of 51.1 off enders per 100,000 in 1991. 

After 1991, the off ending rate for blacks declined until it reached 24 per 100,000 in 2004.

The rate has since fluctuated, increasing to 28.4 off enders per 100,000 in 2006 before falling again to 24.7 off enders per 100,000 in 2008.

Once again we ask the questions, When will it be time for the Black community to police itself? When will it be time to stop blaming racism for the issue of Black on Black Crime? When will it be time for us to stop trying to dilute the murder rate among Blacks by presenting any other information to justify it?  Black on Black Crime is a huge problem that no one wants to address lest they be called a racist. Time to stop using that word because it has become worse than the "N" word!