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Anna Morris, Founder

     ~I am the ghost of medical care past, present and future. Obamatized medicine killed my heart and soul and my body doesn't know whether to stay or go. So I write, that others will know what is coming to them.

     ~A long time ago in the 1950s, I was born in the wilds of Central Idaho where I learned to live off the land. My family was not poor. It was something we did. Today, people like us are called preppers.

     ~I have had an interesting and odd life. My family and I moved from the back country to a larger town. As I approached adulthood signs of the connective tissue disorder that is the root of many of my medical issues became apparent. Physical therapy failed so my mother enrolled me in ballet classes. I eventually performed and taught dance.

     ~A potential theatrical career should be backed up with more marketable job skills so I have some formal education in biochemistry and nursing. My education was interrupted when I was hired as a technical writer for a science department. 

     ~Mostly I have been an independent artist, working with fabrics, jewelry and wood until I became too ill a few years ago to continue.

     ~I have been married, am a widow and have no children. I'll admit to being 58 years old but am vain enough not to admit more.

     ~I am the ghost of medical care past because for 40 years doctors wrote off deadly tachycardia (rapid heart beat) as mental illness & attempted treatment with brain butchering psychotropic drugs.

     ~I am the ghost of medical care present because detailed imaging and genetic testing proves that my signs and symptoms are physical not mental. New treatments are found but may be out of my reach because of Obama Care.

     ~I am the ghost of medical care future  because in the Oregon (where I lived many years) Obamatized system I am labeled too dangerous to treat. Obama Care does not allow adverse outcomes. When I had a doozie of a bad reaction to prescription drugs I was re-labeled mental and dehumanized to protect the hospital record. Then my heart began to fail but I refuse to be abused anymore by doctors. I now have no doctor thanks to a hospital monopoly.

     ~The Obamatized system will like me more if I die. That is in the hands of God. Until then, I have moved back to Idaho, back to prepping in the wilderness. 

     ~Madame du Barry did not go to the guillotine bravely. She cried & screamed loudly and the mobs suddenly understood they were killing human beings. "You are going to hurt me! Why?!", she cried out. In preferring death to Obamatized medicine, I say similar. This regurgitation of Hillary Care that no Republican voted for, thus Democrat Care, is going to hurt us! Why? I am a ghost voice on the Internet crying out from the Idaho wilderness.


Lynn J. Cheramie III - Editor

My name is Lynn J. Cheramie III and I'm the Founder of The FFOA News Network. I served in the United States Marine Corps, my Father served in the Army, my Mother in the Navy, my oldest Son in the Air Force and another Son in the United States Marine Corps. I have 6 children, ages 21 to 32 and 3 Grandchildren with 2 more on the way. Three of my children have graduated from college. I love my family very much. They have a lot of honesty and integrity and that's something that's hard to find today. 

I've lived in 13 different states from California to North Carolina and been to 36 of them. This gives me a very good understanding of our great nation. I was also stationed in Okinawa for over a year and had the opportunity to visit several other countries.

I love our World. She has been spit on for far too long. Our World Leaders have tried forever and failed at forced integration. It is up to all races to become united in all discussions of issues and their resolutions.

I will fight and die for everyone to have the same rights regardless of skin color. I hope everyone of you has thought about that possibility. Always move forward. Only look back to teach, not dwell.

We want to Free the World from the chains of Tyranny.

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